My Top 10 Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine effortlessly creates a festive atmosphere and incites a feeling of joyful anticipation. It is so successful as a celebratory drink and apéritif that its incredible versatility is often overlooked. Its texture and effervescence make it an excellent partner for many different types of food, from fried chicken to oysters and even rich triple crème cheeses. One of my favorite pairings is a crisp, clean Blanc de Blancs and sushi. There are a few different methods used in the production of sparkling wine; Champagne, Crémant, and Cava, my favorites, all undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle which imbues them with a sultry richness and aromas of baked brioche. I always encourage people to find small, independent producers as their wines have a lot of character and soul and are often quite affordable. Whether you are celebrating the New Year or looking for a unique pairing for your meal, here are some of my favorite producers:

  1. Cédric Bouchard | Côtes des Bars, France | Champagne

  2. Pierre Gimmonet | Côtes des Blancs, France | Champagne

  3. Aubry | Montagne de Reims, France | Champagne

  4. Vilmart & Cie | Montagne de Reims, France | Champagne

  5. Christophe Mignon | Vallée de la Marne, France | Champagne

  6. André & Mireille Tissot | Jura, France | Crémant de Jura

  7. Raventós i Blanc | Penedès, Spain | Cava

  8. Darting | Pfalz, Germany | Sparkling Weissburgunder

  9. Yves Guégniard’s Domaine de la Bergerie| Loire Valley, France | Crémant de Loire

  10. Foreau | Loire Valley, France | Sparkling Vouvray

If you cannot find these particular producers, in my experience you can rely on these importers to have found some interesting wines: Terry Theise, Michael Skurnik, Polaner, Neal Rosenthal, Kermit Lynch, The Rare Wine Co., Martine’s Wines, or Beaune Imports.

Here’s to a bountiful & happy 2016. Cheers!

Photo Credit: White Oak Communications

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